Work is the problem? What’s the matter with the office?

Some months ago my boss decided that we don’t need to go to the office every day. Now I can say that I want to go to the office and I work  more when I do it at home.

The problem is to go to work at the office or the traditional dynamic of work?

We always think and argue about where the best way to do it is. Homeoffice, at home, coworking, etc. Some months ago I arrived at the answer.

The answer is; there is not an only answer

How? Easy…

  • First of all bosses always think that people will work more if they are watching them.  Wrong!
  • Emploees think that they would prefer to work always at home. Wrong! (too)
  • And in freelance times, coworking was born because people can not stand working alone.

work office freelance

So, the problem of working is: the activity that you do itself or the work dynamic that we commonly follow?

A lot of people finish (obligatory) high school to go to the University, so we can conclude that they will study what they love and then they will work in a place where they love going day after day to do what they  have chosen.

The truth is, people do not like working and they wait week after week to start their holidays.

Which is the moment where the fantasy of being an … (complete the blank with the career that you studied) became a nightmare?

First of all we will presume that the choice of the career is for professional vocation and not to earn money. After that we can postule that the labor structure that the system created to be efficient is one of the most important ítems to hate work.

If you like what you do, nobody needs to tell you that you need to work and nobody can know if the hours that you worked are enough for this day.

Money is not enough if you have not time to enjoy it. And if you think twice you don’t need to work so much only for money because the time left to enjoy the earned money is not enough to spend it at all.


Bosses, talk with the people and construct a company model to leverage the potencial of your resourses without exploitation (Anyway we think that exploiting resources you do not encourage them)

People, study and do what you love, there are a lot of money waiting for all of us, you do not need to push yourself by doing things you do not like just for money.