Press Release

Mototech Group announced their expansion plans today with the launch of their new OnDemand IT Services and Solutions, enabling public, private and governmental organizations to overcome gaps in their IT departments primarily due to lack of human capital and/or advanced tech infrastructure assets and solutions.

Their DoD Service (Developers OnDemand) supplies highly skilled individual tech developers and programmers to assist companies fill in voids on tech teams; the PoD Service (Projects OnDemand) offers instant IT project teams to effectively complete stalled or planned projects in totality employing agile development processes; finally the IoD Service (Infrastructure OnDemand) allows companies previously lacking a strong DevOps, Cloud Infrastructure or Network Management skills to leverage Mototech’s experience to significantly upgrade their IT infrastructure.

The company also announced it has expanded operations to the West Coast, based in Phoenix, AZ.

About Mototech Group

The Mototech Group along with highly successful global partners, provide leading edge Big Data Analytics (BDA) and OnDemand Technology Services and Solutions, enabling public and private sectors wishing to grow sales and improve operational efficiencies via multiple IT improvements.

Headquartered in the Washington DC area with a talent rich team and experienced leadership with more than 20 years of deep industry knowledge, they are actively involved across the United States, Canada and South America, positioned as a market leader in complex IT solutions.