A tool that allows to write professional-formatted documents – Latex!

Many times we find the problem of choosing a good tool that allows us to write professional-formatted documents. And now we bring the solution: Latex!

For those documents where the office is not enough, it is extremely interesting to have the tool LaTeX, an open source tool, easy to install and excellent for generating pdfs for formal presentations, where the format is not a minor issue. Ideal for reporting the QA area.

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Installing LaTeX on Ubuntu

Installing LaTeX on Ubuntu is very simple.

1. First Step: Install Tex Live

TeX Live is a LaTeX distribution, the default distribution for various Linux distributions such as Fedora, Debian and Ubuntu.

Sudo apt-get install texlive-full

2. Second step: Installs Texmaker

Texmaker is a text editor, there are many text editors specific to LaTex.

Sudo apt-get install texmaker

3. Step Three: Create Your First LaTeX Document

To write a sample page in LaTeX, open Texmaker, then enter “File”,

New and type the following code:

\ Documentclass [a4paper, 10pt] {article}

\ Usepackage [utf8] {inputenc}

\ Usepackage [activeacute, english] {babel}

\ Begin {document}

Hello World!

\ End {document}

To compile go to Tools, PDFLaTeX.

Check that a pdf has been created where the phrase Hello World!

Another way to compile is from the terminal, position itself inside the folder containing the

File created and run:

Pdflatex archive.tex

View: LaTeX Tutorial 1 – Creating a LaTeX Document

Installing LaTeX on Windows

1. Install MiKTeX

To install MiKTeX download from miktex.org,

There are several types of installation, among them choose “basic MiKTeX system” contains the essential packages.

After downloading the installer, run it.

The process is very simple, follow the steps that tell you (accept license and destination folder) and

In a few minutes you will have MiKTeX installed.

2. Installs Texmaker

To install Texmaker, go to xm1math.net/texmaker, and click the Download link.

Choose the platform, in this case Windows, and download the installer. Then run it,

Follow the steps and in few seconds you will have it installed.

To create a document, see: LaTeX Tutorial 1 – Creating a LaTeX Document