Life before IoT – The world began to shrink from the creation of the wheel.

What is the next step? Perhaps strengthen the relationship between IoT & AI?

The world began to shrink from the invention of the wheel, globalization was the phenomenon that made us aware that everything was getting closer and the conquest of IoT is the stage we are in.

What is the next post IoT step?

Although the term globalization sounds old, and it sounds like this, it is the most representative definition that comes to mind and the moment of history where we became aware that the advance of technology brought us closer.

Internet-based communication was the most representative item of this phenomenon, but we can not fail to take into account all the previous advances that had already, to a lesser extent, collaborated with this approach. Because from the creation of the wheel and the ease of transportation and communication with signs of smoke, morse or the principles of telephony, to a lesser extent we were moving to the future that has already arrived.

Driving back to work and running (or it has been already programmed) the air conditioning when we get there and the house is with a pleasant atmosphere generates a change in time and space that already seems totally normal.

iot internet of things

Now the point is, what’s the next step? We know that in principle there will be on the one hand the expansion of IoT to some of the population, on the other hand the integration of elements not yet integrated, besides, artificial intelligence will give it total independence of man. The interrelation of deep learning, machine learning and data experience is the point of support where big companies are working so that Artificial Intelligence is developed to its maximum expression.

For the big jump and the paradigm shift, something more is needed, something that is not far away