Cybercriminal Intelligence.

The cybercriminals gain sophistication experience with each step, when Hadoop doesn’t check.

Behind all these, there’s a real motivational impulse that refines and deepens .


In the Cybercriminal intelligence world much in known about the motivations behind the cybercriminal attacks, which in recent years have multiplied with extortions, vandalism, ideological “hacktivism”, data theft and even bank fraud.

From a technical perspective of things, cybercrime tool kits are rather low cost and are easily available inside the cybercrime ecosystem.

But to these we have to add new government’s actors who have powerful resources backing them to develop and deploy new tools and exploits which sadly further evolve cybercrime.

The protection of our companies from these threats requires, in most cases, that we take advantage from the experience and visibility from our organizations to obtain intelligence information about the enemy we face.


Digital Intelligence Units.

Digital Intelligence Units “are in style” in the security industry, and although there are multiple tools and products we can use to create a professional data defense, what is really important is knowing what we are doing and how we can identify the Digital Intelligence Units that start a threat.

Threat Intelligence Unit, at least, must approve analyzing some of the detection capacities from many of our preventing controls (for example, intruder detection system)

Without a fast and fluid (real time) data administration, security efficiency decrease exponentially for every second added.

Reducing false positives in artificial intelligence solutions, and providing context in regards to detected events in real time will allow us to maximize our security resources efficiency, which will allow us to determine the most appropriate threat levels from said events.

Threat intelligence is very important in the fight against real intimidations, such as the attacks made against DYN, and from Hadoop they are trying to stop the evolution of cybercrime in an efficient and professional way.