Availability of large volumes instantly gives data

Quantity and time, the variables that must be keep in mind to choose the most efficient tool when working in Big Data

When talking about Smart Data, it must be taken into account that in order for the data to become Smart, it must have the appropriate tool to respond to the amount of data with speed and easy access.

Tools such as Hadoop and Spark that have the ability to process large volumes of information and make calculations can generate reliable information.

Success case

Here the case of work with the Government of the City of Buenos Aires is presented.

From its beginnings, the GCBA as an organization has issued an endless amount of government information related to various areas of news bulletins, news, regulations and regulations, agendas, reports, contracts, tenders, etc. In recent years there has been a clear trend towards facilitating access to public domain information in a simple and centralized way. The latter poses a major integration challenge to enable content search on a number of technology storage platforms

data analitycs

Solr Represents a standard platform for the construction of extraction, processing and data analysis applications that will solve the challenge.

By periodically extracting data from different data sources, it is possible to develop a tool for intelligent consultation of historical and current knowledge that allows citizens to access to the information required.

Initially, it was proposed to decentralize the information processing and indexing process, since some data sources were located in geographically dispersed installations, allowing for centralized information consultation.

The second stage of the work consisted of working with Analitycs tools with which not only is it processed and accessed, but is also the source for the creation of information.

Information that a public institution can use to support the measures that are taken for the improvement of the population. Try to individualize as much as possible the need to act more efficiently.