Abolition of the average with real-time analysis

The data real-time analysis came as the great solution to break down the average in units and be able to pay attention to each individual.

A series production, taking into account each user.

When you think about increasing production and supplying the most users in less time and with the lowest cost, you fall into the seriality of production. Why? Just because you think about the average. And this has worked and will continue to work as long as it does not show that production is still in series but the end result is different.

That is, the market shows us that he pays attention to each one of us, but the work of knowing each one of us no longer has the wear of time and work that could cause Ford to think of another color that is not black for his Famous “T”

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Behavior analysis time, or time to know what “we need”

The two major variables that determine the power of Analitycs are the amount and time of data processing. The quantity is of utmost importance to generate results as fine as possible, but in this case what is needed is to know with the minimum amount of data that a user gives us what we must show him what we have for him without changing his mind. Do not expect for the desire to eat something sweet when we show him that we have to send him a chocolate without shipping charge.

Tools like Drools and Siddih are used to analyze the behavior of a user in real time. To know the tastes of each of us, and without even having to wait to know what to offer each one. The moment we pass the credit card in the parking lot of the shopping in the week prior to Christmas we are ready to receive the location of the places where we can get what each of our families would like to receive.

The differential is the speed at which events are processed almost at the same time as they take place.